All the honours degree programmes in the Faculty shall require at least credit passes in English Language, Mathematics and Economics and any two other subjects in the SSCE, GCE or equivalent in not more than two sittings. Each Department within the Faculty is expected to have its own specific entry requirement in both full and part-time courses which must conform to the general entry requirements set by the University for the University Matriculation requirements.


  1. The Faculty of Management Sciences offers honours degrees which require compulsory courses in General Studies and Entrepreneurship. Students in the Faculty are required to pass examination in all the courses for which they are registered before they can graduate.
  1. All students in the Faculty shall take the same courses in the first two years before branching into their various areas of specialization provided that Entrepreneurial courses shall also be compulsory for every student.


A student shall normally in any one academic year be allowed to register for and take a minimum of 40 credits and not more than 50 credits. This means that no student can earn more than 50 credits at the end of each academic year.

However, for the avoidance of doubt, a student shall take between 15 and 25 credits in each semester in any academic year. A credit as used here means a series of lecture/tutorial of one-hour week lasting a semester or a three-hour practical class per week of an equivalent amount of study or any combination of these.


  1. Students are expected to register for all courses they are taking as part of their degree programmes. Students attending lectures in courses that they are not registered for shall do so only at the express permission of the lecturers in charge of the course. However, such student(s) shall not earn any credits for such courses.
  2. Students should register for their courses within the time limit specified for it. Any student(s) who fails to do so will pay late registration fee as may be determined by the University.

iii. Any student who fails to register within the specified time shall not be allowed to register in that session and shall forfeit the opportunity of writing examination in that session. Such a student is deemed to have forfeited his or her studentship by voluntarily withdrawing his or her studentship. Such a student may only be readmitted in any subsequent session with the approval of Senate.

  1. Student who registers late must provide evidence of paying late registration fee, which must be paid to the Bursary before such a student can be registered.
  2. No new student shall be allowed to register after matriculation.
  3. Students may drop courses for which they have registered up till four weeks after lectures have begun. Similarly new courses can be added up till four weeks after lecture have begun in each semester. Such students must fill and submit the Add /Drop form which must be approved by the relevant Head of Department and Faculty Officer