The Department started in 1971 as one of the two component units of the former
Department of Economics and Business Studies, which offered courses leading
mainly to a combined honours degree in Economics and Business. Following
the splitting up of the Department in October 1977 into Economics and Business
Studies Departments, it became possible to offer a single honours degree course
in Business Administration to a selected number of students. The department’s
programme was then reviewed to provide for specialisation in Accounting. The
emphasis on specialisation is in line with the increasing need for management
personnel in all sectors (commerce, industries government, education and
research) to prosecute and accelerate national economic development. The
Department was renamed Department of Business Administration in 1979.
The major objective of the Department is to help generate adequate managerial
manpower with appropriate knowledge skill and attitudes to handle the growing
and changing managerial responsibilities in Nigeria. The specific objectives are
to :
?Facilitate the creation of entrepreneurial spirit in young-men and
women who can help to exploit the available resources and
opportunities in Nigeria.
?Provide for preparation of managerial teachers and researchers to keep
pace with the ever rising demand for management education.
?Facilitate the education and training of managers at undergraduate and
postgraduate experience and professional levels.
?Help produce teaching materials and literature more appropriate to the
Nigerian environment through research and cross fertilization of ideas
in the classroom.
A. For the Four Year Programme:
(i) At least five credits passes (or equivalent in GCE O/L) and
W.A.S.C. or at least Five merit passes in TC 2 which should, in
all cases, include English Language, Mathematics, Economics
and which must have been obtained in not more than two
sittings. PLUS
(ii) The Joint Matriculation Examination which must be in Use of
English, Mathematics, Economics or Business Methods Plus
any other subject.
B. Admission Requirement for the Three Year Programme:
(i) Requirements in A (i) above PLUS
Two subjects at the GCE A/L or HSC, one of which should be
Accounting and the Other Either Economics or Business
Management. In Exceptional Cases the following
qualifications may also be considered:
(ii) Requirements in A (I) PLUS
A complete pass in the intermediate examination of the
Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria or of any other
equivalent professional Accounting body. OR
(iii) Requirements in A(I) PLUS
Passes in all parts of the Associate-ship Examination of the
Institute of Bankers. OR
(iv) Requirements in A(I) PLUS
The Ordinary National Diploma in Business Administration or
any relevant subject (passed with minimum average of upper
credit) from a recognized Polytechnic or College of
(v) Requirements in A (I) PLUS
The Diploma in Accounting and any other relevant area with a
minimum credit pass from the University of Benin or any other
recognized University.
(vi) A Higher National Diploma in any relevant subject awarded by
a recognized Polytechnic or College of Technology.
(vii) A bachelor’s degree in any subject awarded by a recognized
The first and second year of the four year programme in the Department run
parallel courses with other Departments in the faculty. Major Business
Administration courses are taken at 300 and 400 levels though students will be
required to offer courses in other Departments.
To graduate, students admitted to the 4 year programme of the
Department must successfully complete minimum of 170 credits.
Students undergoing the 3 year programme are required to accumulate
135 credits in order to graduate. Students are expected to earn the following
credits at different levels to remain in the Department:
(i) To move to the next level, students must earn minimum credits as