As a Department, we are committed to global benchmark and the pursuit of global best practice in entrepreneurial education and training. This ensures that our students and staff contribute meaningfully to the community, national and global economic and academic development goals. We dedicate ourselves to
this course guided by the following set of values:
Create Innovative Entrepreneurship: We do, and will continue to develop,
encourage and promote entrepreneurial ecosystem to foster creativity and breed
innovative ideas that do, and will continue to translate into economically viable
and technologically feasible worthwhile ventures.
Integrate Responsive Scholarship: We do, and shall, as scholars, promote
ideal academic culture by respecting and combining the ideas continue to from
various disciplines, perspectives and experiences to ensure rich and productive
scholarship that is tailored to meet the developmental needs of modern society.
Inspire Effective Team Leadership: We do, and shall continue to apply
effective team principles and inculcate exemplary leadership rules to harness
entrepreneurial mindsets and skills set under the conditions of symbiotic
benefits and mutual respect.
Encourage Productive Partnership: We do, and shall continue to seek to
support productive collaboration and effective synergy both within and outside
the school environment in pursuit of entrepreneurial incubation.
Vision Statement
To stimulate the development of entrepreneurial mindsets and learning
innovative skills amongst students in Africa in the 21st century.
Mission Statement
To inculcate innovative knowledge for harnessing entrepreneurial opportunities
in hundreds of intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial students through our research
and teaching as would be evidenced in the various graduating sets of the
The increasing rate of unemployment of graduates from the Nigerian
Universities has made it imperative that graduates should begin the from the
choice to read courses that will enhance their chances of opening their own
businesses. The Department of Entrepreneurship, in the Faculty of
Management Sciences, is thus offering the B.Sc. (Hons.) Entrepreneurship to
provide students with the opportunity to develop relevant analytical and
practical skills to be successful in handing entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial
ventures. In addition, the Federal Government has made the study of
Entrepreneurship compulsory in our Universities. The degree programme is
also applicable to all other disciplines in the University.
Entrepreneurship is the driving force behind economic growth and various
developments of any nation. All the sectors of any economy need entrepreneurs
who are well informed and equipped to seize economic and social opportunities
in the market place. The degree programme will prepare students in innovative
knowledge for skills acquisitions, and prepare them for the management of
business ventures, government, and non-profit organisations, etc. In addition, it
will enable them establish new ventures, create new jobs, and become drivers of
sustainable business.
The objective of the programme is to develop students’ knowledge of small
business and entrepreneurship concepts, strategies, analysis and the consulting
arena. The degree programme is designed for students interested in career paths
in an entrepreneurial business environment involving both small and large
businesses; and to equip students with the skills and knowledge required to
prepare a persuasive business plan, approach to prospective investors, and get
their business launched.
Specifically, the major objectives of the degree programme in Entrepreneurship
are to:
a. develop enterprise among students with emphasis on practice, and
hands on in entrepreneurship development;
b. develop entrepreneurial spirit among students with the hope of creating
new and greater social and economic value to the society;
c. nurture entrepreneurship knowledge among st